Crafts for summer: Bow Tank Top - Gymboree Inspired, kids craft ideas

A couple of years ago I bought this adorable tank top for Isabella at Gymboree. Now that she has outgrown it I decided to borrow this idea to make a plain tank top a little more girly.

My Version with a Hot Pink Bow

Pink and Gray
Crafts for summer: Bow Tank Top - Gymboree Inspired, kids craft ideas

Gymboree Version

To get started you'll need:
1 - Tank Top
1 1/2" Ribbon, 3 pieces - 6", 12", 16"
Hot Glue Gun
Sewing Macine

Step 1: Cut a 12" piece of ribbon and glue the ends to form a ring. Don't forget to treat the ends so they will not fray.
Step 2: Pin the center of the ribbon to form creases and sew down the center to hold the creases.
Or sew a basting stitch and gather.

Step 4: Cut a 6" piece of ribbon and press the edges down.
Step 5: Wrap the 6" piece of ribbon around the bow and glue the ends.
Step 6: Cut a 16" piece of ribbon and fold in half. Pin the top to form creases. Sew across the top to hold creases. This will be the "tail" of the bow.
Step 7: Pin the "tail" to the tank top and sew to top.
Step 8: Sew the remain ends of the "tail" to the top.
Step 9: Sew the middle and the ends of the bow to the top.
Don't forget to stitch down the ends of the bow.

That's it! Let me know your thoughts :)
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