Crafty jewelry: Relief Beads made of plastic, manufacturing, toning. Toning Techniques

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 Crafty jewelry: Relief Beads made of plastic, manufacturing, toning. Toning Techniques
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In this master class will discuss how to make beads in relief and the most successful pick up their color to the existing components of the future of jewelry. 
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1. prepare materials 

a) Plastic several shades of the selected color.  
b) Glass beads (the color of which we are trying to make a selection)  
in) acrylic paint (for toning)
2. Knead the plastic
3. Mix until smooth color (you can use the pasta machine)  
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4. The desired result (in progress can change the ratio of parts of different colors to achieve the target)  
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5. Make a "sausage", divide it into equal parts and roll the beads  
6. Roll the beads in sugar or salt crystals (crystals convenient "rub" on his hands, repeating the motion of sliding beads).  
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7. Give a little "break from the heat source" beads, and dissolve the sugar in cold water.  
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8. Carefully remove the beads and make holes in them 
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9. Bake the beads, following manufacturer's recommendations plastics (in this case, and 130C for 20-30 minutes)
10. Prepare materials for rendering. The cooled bead is conveniently painted on the palm of gloves.  
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11. All beads are put into the plastic bag, and the "twist" them there, it will dry up the beads and remove excess paint. 
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12. When you're done - you can begin to assemble jewelry.  
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