Gift presents : folding box gift in bag shape, kids craft ideas

Gift presents : folding box gift in bag shape, kids craft ideas

 Just to give a gift it is banal, but give it a beautiful package made by the hands - it always makes an impression! The idea of ​​such boxes is not new and I do not claim copyright. Such boxes for gifts, I saw many foreign skilled workers and also decided to try something similar.
   For the manufacture of such boxes we potrebuyutya following materials and tools:

  • paper (this may be the paper for watercolor, pastel, dense skrapbumaga - one condition: it must not be too hard or too thin, in my example I used a sheet of A4 paper if you use skrapbumagu size 30 * 30, the top and bottom to make indents by 5 cm, the rest is all the same);

  • simple pencil;

  • knife for paper-based work;

  • line, the best metal (as an alternative to the cutter bar);

  • glue - it all depends on what you are used: glue-point "Crystal", a special skrapovsky glue, double-sided adhesive tape, etc.

  • Prototype mat - I do not so acquired, and use the cork substrate;

  • eyelet setter;

  • scoring - if not, then fit the spokes, or how my sewing rasparyvatel lines (or whatever they enjoy, for the bend).

  • distressingovye ink

  • ukrashalki to your taste

1st step - draw a template (I think everything is clear in the figure shown)
Second step - brown color line cuts, pencil - the fold line. Cut with a knife along the lines of a pattern of cuts. Here's what you should have.
3rd step - bend pattern along the lines of bending
4th step -sided glue tape, as shown in photo
5th step - collect a box
Second step - as shown in the photo, bend the sides of the boxes inside
7th step - making the hole in the lid with the installer eyelets 1 / 8 "bend the lid and make the markup for future openings on the box itself, then punch the installer eyelets
8th step - pass through lace or ribbon through the holes on the box as shown in photo
9th step - then threaded ribbon through the holes in the lid and pulls, bow ties

Our box is ready, it wakes decoration depends entirely on your imagination - good luck!
And this is my version of the Boxes

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