Vases and dishes from Jay Strongwater

American Jay Strongwater creates beauty: picture frames, vases, watches. They are made of precious metals and decorated with colored enamel and rhinestones from Swarovski.Boutiques Jay Stronguotera known throughout the world.
Collection: The vases and dishes
 (550x550, 56Kb)
 (575x575, 57Kb)
 (550x550, 59Kb)

 (489x420, 42Kb)
 (516x700, 47Kb)
 (550x320, 56Kb)
 (550x410, 36Kb)
 (536x700, 50Kb)
 (387x700, 39Kb)
 (550x453, 41Kb)
 (550x364, 42Kb)
 (550x641, 64Kb)
sdh1316-456 (550x550, 49 Kb)
 (503x550, 48Kb)
 (550x643, 74Kb)
 (550x349, 36Kb)
 (350x463, 33Kb)
 (399x700, 41Kb)
 (300x700, 42Kb)
 (550x445, 50Kb)
 (550x334, 30Kb)
 (200x537, 17Kb)
 (550x550, 93Kb)
SDH1301275_L (400x400, 19 Kb)
 (400x400, 37Kb)
 (550x550, 139Kb)
 (550x335, 66Kb)
 (500x367, 68Kb)
 (550x364, 61Kb)
 (400x319, 17Kb)
 (436x500, 51Kb)

 (550x550, 41Kb)
 (550x550, 40Kb)
 (550x550, 25Kb)
 (448x550, 39Kb)
 (550x550, 39Kb)
 (417x700, 46Kb)
 (279x700, 42Kb)
 (337x370, 143Kb)
 (350x350, 52Kb)

 (700x560, 91Kb)
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