Flowers gifts: paper crafts for kids


1. Of a dense sheet of paper cut out a square of the required size. Rascherchivaem his pencil into 9 equal squares barely perceptible lines.
2. Fold the paper along the lines.
3. Repeat on all sides.
4. Two extreme sides of the big square in the mode 3 of the lines - as shown in the photo - to the internal lines.
5. Fold the basket.
6. Glued side. You can use PVA glue or glue sticks.
7. Cut the handle and decoration for baskets.
Handle baskets equal in length to the side of a large square.
Decorating for the handle an inch in length and width smaller than the pen.
Decorating for the base of the basket can be cut by an attached finished scheme or using a protractor. To do this he measured the resulting angles and sides of the basket and draw a smaller copy.
8. Glue decoration to the handle in the middle.
9. With decorations to the basket.
10. Glue the handle to the basket.
11. Decorate the basket, you can of your choice. For example, you can cut out of colored paper flowers and petals.
12. Glue decorations to the basket.
Finished baskets you can use to pack a small gift or for composition with flowers.
View from above.
Dressing for the basket.
Decoration -
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