Paper crafts : Halloween Spook Banner

Paper crafts : Halloween Spook Banner
Are you ready for Halloween? No, I’m not, but I did want to get started on my Halloween crafting so when it is time to decorate I’ll be ready. I decided to start with crafting a fun banner.

It’s made completely out of scrapbook paper which makes it easy and affordable. I started by cutting the paper in triangles measuring 5″x7″.

I free handed the faces then cut them out and used a glue stick to secure them to the triangles.

This is Frankenstein’s hair.

The details on the owl were added using a marker.

The cat’s whiskers and mouth were added using a pencil.

I pieced different colored paper together to make the candy corn.

And I tore off the top of the gray paper to make the ghost. I like his goofy face too.

I put the banner together using twine and clothespins. I really love working with paper. It’s been a while.

So my Halloween banner is ready. Now I’m putting it away until October (and finally painting the red wall).

Halloween Spook Banner
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