Sewing for home: beautiful pillow tutorial

Sewing for home: beautiful pillow tutorial


1/2 yard linen (or any solid color fabric would really look stunning as well), you may need up to 1 yard depending on what size pillow form you use

one pillow form 14x20 - the one I'm using is actually from Target, it's a travel pillow (you'll find them right next to the regular bed pillows, the best part is that they're under $5)

thread, pins, etc.

Cutting the pieces:

  • main front piece 20" wide by 16" tall (this is cut a little tall for the pillow form, but it's to leave room for the pin tucks)
  • envelope back closure pieces: 14" tall by 16" wide, 14" tall by 12" wide
Additional measurements for a 12x24 pillow form: front piece 24" wide by 14" tall, cutting down to 12" tall after pin tucking, back closure pieces 12" tall by 18" wide, 12" tall by 9" wide.

Measurements for a king size pillow 20" tall by 36" wide: front (36" wide by 22" tall, cutting down to 36" wide by 20" tall), back closure pieces 20" tall by 26" wide, 20" tall by 14" wide.

Also, I thought I should add that the smaller you cut your pillow sizes the firmer fit on the pillow form. I usually like a really snug and tight fit, so I often cut my pieces smaller than the pillow form just to get that nice tailored look.

*** I just want to note here that the photos I've taken for this tutorial are from making a king size pillow cover, but the technique is the same no matter what size pillow form you use.

Making the sunburst pin tucks:

Using the edge stitching foot on your machine (or even your regular sewing foot - you'll just have to be a little more precise) sew the pin tucks.

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