Hoppin' Hat tutorial: free knitting pattern

Hoppin' Hat tutorial: free knitting pattern

I used size 10 needles and worsted weight yarn. Cast on 52 stiches. Work in a 2x2 rib pattern for about an inch. Then switch to pink yarn. Knit only in the round for about an inch and a quarter in the pink. Switch back to gray for the next inch. Then switch to blue and knit for an inch and a quarter.

Now here is the trickiest part of this whole hat. take half your stitches and put them onto a spare needles or a scrap of yarn. Then you join the first set of stitches into a round. Switch into the gray yarn and knit about 5 rounds. Switch to your dark pink and knit for five rows. Switch back to gray and knit about five rows. Then switch back to green. Here I just knit until I felt like the ears were long enough. Then I decreased as following:

- *knit 3 k2tg* till last set of 5 stitches. this one I knit one then k2tg twice
- knit a round
- *k2, k2tg* till end of round
- knit a round
- *k1, k2tg* till end of round
Take remaining stitches and tie them off.

Then do the other ear in the exact manner.

Source: http://krafty-katie.blogspot.com/2011/05/hoppin-hat.html
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