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The Perfect Crochet Color Change

I don’t know about you, but I dislike color changes in crochet-in-the-round intensely. I just hate (a strong word, I know, but still) the way the new color “bites” into the old color making a jagged and obvious border. I just HAD to find a solution to the problem.

So I huffed, and I puffed and I… No, wait. There was no actual huffing or puffing, I set my mind and crochet hook to the task, and figured it out.

It’s actually very simple.
First Round

Single crochet as instructed by your pattern. Change color in the last stitch of the round – final yarn over and pull through with the new color.

Second Round

Slip stitch in back loops only for the entire round.

This is how it looks when the slip stitch round is done:

Third Round

Single crochet in back loops only for the entire round.

Fourth Round

Continue crocheting as your pattern indicates.

Isn’t that a nice, clean, straight color change?

Even the back looks nice. The “step” caused by the color change is barely visible. If you join at the end of the round (instead of the continuous rounds I used for this example) you won’t see it at all.

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